Electron Irradiation

Irradiation is a processing method which uses the physical effects, chemical effects and biological effects produced by the interaction between the radiation and subsistence of the goods to achieve the desired target effects. Radiation sources commonly used are electron beams below 10MeV and γ rays generated by Co-60. Electron irradiation processing has the advantages of fast and efficient, no pollution, no waste, and welcome by the majority of the customers. 

Rays penetrate the goods, which can eliminate or reduce harmful organisms, such as insects, fungi, bacteria and even viruses; or alter physiological properties of agricultural products, delayed germination and senescence. With the above biological effects of radiation, electron beam irradiation can be used as: fresh produce, food sterilization extend shelf life; sterilization of medical supplies; import and export quarantine irradiation treatment; medicine, health care products, cosmetics, pet food sterilization; mail sterilization for counterterrorism; commodity maintenance and so on