▪ Borders and Checkpoints
▪ Scan tires, bumpers, body panels, interiors and contents of passenger vehicles determine whether to clear or seize a vehicle in minutes.
▪ Counter intelligence and VIP Security
▪ Scan vehicles, rooms and furniture for threats and surveillance devices.
▪ Maritime and Aviation Drug Enforcement and Counter-Smuggling
▪ Scan boat bulkheads, hulls and holds for drugs, currency and voids.
▪ Screen airliners, cargo planes and small aircraft scan interiors, hulls, wings, service ports and landing gear for smuggled contraband.
▪ Panoramic v iew t hrough image s titching "IDENTVISION" technology for identifi illegal substances substrances, weapony among other SAFE, SECURE, DEPENDABLE OPERATION
The PX1 system was designed with safety in mind, and features reliable and redundant safety subsystems. The PX1 system is safe for operators, bystanders, and the environment. The system conforms to applicable ANSI, ICRP, NCRP, and Euratom radiation safety standards for annual allowable dose for the general public. Although the PX1 system is a low-energy, low-dose Backscatter system, it is not designed to scan people. The PX1 system must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and applicable laws and regulations.


Handheld backscatter screening system PX1 contain a complete set of imaging analysis tools including: auto enhancement, dynamic contrast, noise reduction, colorization, and auto aspect-ratio correction.
The PX1 system contain machine learning based algorithms for: object-recognition functionalities, noise reduction, contrast enhance and other image enhancements.
▪ The PX1 system save images in a local tamper-evident encrypted database, with a future option to auto-upload to a secure cloud utilizing end-to-end encryption protocols where cellular or WiFi is available
▪ Big touch screen full HD with image quality adjustment
▪ Support international 4G LTE Cellular data communication for data transfer and remote-operation capability.
▪ Data Management: Image comparison; image colorization; histogram stretching; histogram enhancement. VIDE Data Management Software for PC
▪ The ability to see hidden objects with the PX1 depends on the density, elemental composition and thickness of what you are scanning.